Monday, June 14, 2010

All aboard the Gravy Train

Whilst the 3x Liarbour MPs caught with their fingers in the expenses trough will not be having much in the way of gravy in the future, others are today neck deep in the grievance industry trough slurping the gravy.
The Maori Party and iwi leaders have met Prime Minister John Key to discuss replacement legislation for the Foreshore and Seabed Act but would not be drawn on any agreements reached

And the news is not good.
Maori Party co-leader Turiana Turia said the meeting "went well"

170 years ago this country was colonised, all became British subjects and beholden to the laws of the sovereign Mother Country.
Our bottom line is to our people, to whom we said we want repeal

Not so say those on the gravy train that is the Waitangi grievance industry. You see they want yet more 'full and final' settlements for ill-perceived injustices. To contest their ill-perceived right to own the foreshore and seabed. Unfortunately Hone Boy Key this very day will give it to them to retain political control of this country. With the weak Liarbour Opposition he can do no wrong.
Mr Key said he did not believe National would lose the Maori Party's support, whatever the outcome

New Zealand has gone a long way in the five short years since Orewa. A long way down into the apartheid abyss into which we are plunging at breakneck speed. Don Brash had it right, none since have had the balls to confront the problem.
Any resolution made will not be announced until 4pm, after Mr Key has had time to discuss it with senior ministers

Seems we will be told of the latest racist separatist deal at 1600 this arvo'. One wonders what the full and final will be this time?

Indeed, where is the end of the Gravy Train line Hone Boy Key?

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