Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Rabid ferals are a bad joke

A potential game-changer has been signed off by the government. Good on them for getting the ball rolling for an exploratory survey.
An agreement to open a vast expanse of the coast to exploration for oil in the aftermath of a catastrophic spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a "bad joke," environmentalists say

The rub is that, as expected, the rabid tree-hugging ferals have surfaced denigrating the deal as a 'bad joke'. Who did I expect to be complaining before the ink was dry? The Greens and the EDS. I have not had to wait long. Both are frothing at full dribble this morning. And the granddaddy of them all, Greenpeace, is right in there mouthing off.

As an aside, I often wonder just how EDS is funded. The Greens, we know how that is funded - like all politicians - directly from Treasury via smoke and mirrors.
Greenpeace said there was simply no place for oil exploration here in the 21st century considering the environmental risks and the need to steer energy production in the direction of clean technologies

I expect nothing less of a bad joke from these leeches.

Nuclear power soon, anyone?

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pdm said...

Yep - I am for Nuclear power.

I also have no objection whatsoever to proven performers drilling offshore.