Monday, June 28, 2010

"did not like change"

Community enforcing changes (for the better?) in their lifestyles is possibly why they are in chokey.

People coming off nicotine can be very unpredictable, can be very anxious, aggressive

likely to cause "violence or mayhem of some kind"

There would need to be programmes to help prisoners quit

Excuse me? Violence? They are locked up. Talking heads mouthing off. And the best:

A black market in tobacco was also likely

Eh? A black market? Let alone getting the goods to someone locked up in a supposedly secure establishment in the first place, just how is the prisoner going to smoke illicit goods without being smelt or setting off fire alarms?

No issues that I see. A captive audience
, pun intended. Get stroppy whilst withdrawing. Zero tolerance, elevate punishments. There is always lockdown.
impact of secondhand smoke on corrections staff ... was one factor in the decision

What a load of bollocks. I wonder how many of the unionised smoke various dried materials?

Cold turkey. No patches or other additives. From one who could be best described as "None so pure...", I really do not see why prisoners will not like change.

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Anonymous said...

Another red herring from the Maori/National coalition.
Pandering to the worst emotions of generally good and decent people.
Will cost the taxpayer more money for little or no benefit, like most of the things they are doing.