Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Southland tossers determining national maritime regs

The tossers in the bureaucracy that is Environment Southland have taken it upon themselves to determine national maritime regulations. They have introduced another unneeded bylaw to expand the bureaucracy requiring boats to be named with two inch high letters or ID number.
Environment Southland will introduce a bylaw on July 1 to make boats more easily identifiable in an emergency or for enforcement purposes

Unenforceable in the extreme. Who is going to enforce such greater-good laws? What next? Water Police to issue tickets for 49mm high letters? Once again ratepayers will stump up for ill-thought out laws.

Speeding boats? Call Mr Plod from his revenue gathering duties to capture and enforce. I remain convinced that there are more than enough bylaws to deal with boat racers and the like. We do not need more bylaws and regs by stealth. Next thing, some prick in Wellytown will pass a national law for small-boat registration next.

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Anonymous said...

As long as they also require the trailer to be identified as well.
It will reduce the time needed to ensure the correct tyres get slashed when anti social wankers cause havoc.
Seriously though, any new law needs to be passed through the "f"wit filter and abandoned to the scrapheap