Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hone Boy Key reverses Treaty of Waitangi

Pita Sharples said significant property rights would flow from findings of customary title, which he described as a "full-blooded title" similar to fee simple, or freehold title

170 years of colonisation up the spout by one desperate to retain power at any price. As I have always said, the end game of these so-called customary rights is ownership. Nothing less.

In a shock decision, Hone Boy Key has reversed the founding document of New Zealand by pandering to the Maori Party cohorts. Well, not really a shock. It was always known the levels to which politicians would stoop. But it was never ever expected from the National Party.
A deed specifying the iwi has customary title to a particular coastal area, the right to permit or stop activities, a role in coastal planning, the right to obtain commercial benefit and whatever else the iwi negotiates with the Government.

New "universal recognition" recognises longstanding mana of iwi over foreshore and seabed and gives role in conservation projects

I await a new wave of local government usury and taxes in the name of foreshore conservation with a twist of native. Think the RMA stifles progress? You ain't seen nothing like what the power of veto will give. Oh yes, we'd be silly not to think that the veto could not be removed with the appropriate level of cash lubrication. Taxpayer and ratepayer cash, that is.

Absolute power? You thought the last incumbent was bad, this one is 100 times worse.

Yesterday's decision will have enduring ramifications, definitely speeding the country to apartheid and possibly leading to civil war in New Zealand.


KG said...

It'll speed the country towards apartheid but it definitely won't lead to civil war.
Kiwis are just too bloody apathetic and Key knows it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he makes Helen Clark look much more principled, doesn't he? History will not be kind though, Key is a sell-out, he has let down everyone who voted for him, absolute power, and greedy times. I'll never vote National again. Civil war - you might be right, PM, once access to the beaches has to be paid for! Kiwis are waking up from their apathy, Key has misjudged this.

Sally said...

I am sad to say that Kiwis are not waking up from their apathy and ShonKey knows it.

But who can blame the apathetic people? The majority of small businesses are too busy going broke to find the time to fight every piece of rotten legislation continually being dished up by devious oppressors whose agendas are not for the common good of New Zealand.

This government is anything but democratic the citizens of New Zealand are being ruled by the bureaucratic oligarchies in Central and Local Government. In local government one is no longer able to speak to their elected representatives.

Key is not a leader he is incapable to think for himself. He is totally reliant on public servitude and unfairly represents the people who elected him.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree Sally. NZ stopped being a true democracy decades ago. Key is truly a UN man, Helen must just love him. And we are all being oppressed by govt, central and local. But Kiwis won't take crap forever, and Key is not as bright as I once thought...money trader yes, world leader, no. Fizzler.

Anonymous said...

It is all so disappointing.
None of this is going to make NZers prosperous and happy.
I will vote for ACT and persuade as many people as I can to do so and that's about all I can do.
Given the stupidity of the average kiwi I think even that is more than they deserve.