Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mummie's boy runs home crying

ERRANT WEST AUCKLAND MP Chris Carter last night broke his silence, saying he was returning to parliament, having taken advice from the party's former head, Helen Clark

Continuing his hissy fit, mummie's boy runs home wailing 'it wasn't very conducive to clear thinking'.
He said the apology was given "because you have to think about what is good for the Labour Party"

Contrite and apologetic? Your move, Fill-in Phil. Show us your gonads. (Not literally, please)

You just couldn't write this, but Jonathan Marshall has done so well.


pdm said...

So Clark condones rorting taxpayers, well we all knew that anyway, but needs her queer mate in there to hold the Clarkist line.

No question about who is running the Labour cutter and it sure isn't Phil in Phil.

How long before the internal conflict destroys the lot of them?

PM of NZ said...

Yes pdm, we can but wish SS Liarbour runs up hard on a reef some time very soon.

Was interesting that her indoors is still right in the play - who knows - back for a another tilt at wrecking the NZ economy in say 2014?

Anonymous said...

Seriously, Labour will not get re-elected if they cannot move on from the Clark years. The voters won't re-elect her, and they won't elect a puppet-fill in either. Why are they all so scared of her still, she's not even in the country anymore, but one gets the feeling she runs the show.

kevin said...

the rainbow faction certainly maintain the hold on each other...

PM of NZ said...

Anon, as sure as eggs, the voters will tire of Smile and Wave and start looking for options. Sooner rather than later as he keeps dallying with racist separatists, ignoring the ones that voted him in.

The options for swinging voters are seriously limited. ACT is not credible, swinging National voters would never vote for the separatists or rabid tree huggers, even out of spite.

Liarbour is their only choice. Fearless Phil or other would-be's? No way. Ever. Their only choice is her indoors post-UN.

I can well imagine her running a campaign of misinformation secure in her Mt Eden villa with H2 running the show installed in her newly acquired library/bunker next door. We ain't seen nuthin' yet. The Brethren saga would be a mere beat up.

Yes, I'm sure she is still pulling the strings, Phil-In is only a caretaker.

And Kevin, I believe that faction whilst still strong, has lost it's allure to the Kiwi voter. Sick of family ethics and morals literally going down the crapper with that lot, I do think the rainbow has faded. Carter's arrogant antics do nothing to turn that theory around.

It is a waiting game, Key might be safe for two terms, but he is fair game from there on. And I still strongly believe her indoors will lead that charge. NZ has unfortunately not seen the last of her.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about Smile and Wave. In a way he is worse than Clark and H2, because he promised honesty and a listening ear. He is just interesting in the celebrity status and photo ops and making history, if his office pics are anything to go by. Clark is definately still in charge, I feel sorry for Goff, he is being used. He won't have the balls to fight her though, because he never has had. NZ politics today - sad and strange!