Thursday, June 03, 2010

Community notice: Revenue Men afoot on public highways

Not content with the big taxpayer pay packets Mr Plod gets, supposedly to keep boy racers in check without effect, I note the Revenue Men will be afoot this Queen's birthday on the public highways and byways to extract more from the cobwebs in your wallets. On overtime pay rates to boot.

Seems if you are the slightest bit over the speed limit, you will get a written extortion demand to contribute more taxes. No doubt with extra GST and an ETS component built in to over compensate for your excessive carbon usage whilst speeding. I wonder how long before Joe Motorist has to get his speedo certified? Another bureaucracy developing?

Stop being a tax collector Mr Plod
, get into some proper work working on real crime.


Anonymous said...

"In Australia, tolerance limits were about 5kmh above the speed limit and the road fatality rate was falling."
according to "ms" rose.
Well I drive all over WA and here is my take on that simplistic crap.
WA roads are staighter, better maintained, have less inclement weather,and the whole attitude here is generally more laid back. Oh and the speed limit is 110kph so the incentive to speed is less, but don't let that little piece of reality interfere with your justification "ms" rose.

TM said...

If they're going to ticket me at 109k I'm prepared to cop the extra 10 demerits and $x for the luxury of driving at 119k since the risk of getting caught is the same.

PM of NZ said...

BTB Yes, the roads in Oz are to a much higher standard, not like our motley underfunded strips of potholed asphalt on which we drive sometimes over the limit to get off them asap.

TM, Being the paragon of virtue that I am and never having had the misfortune to acquire such points or pay extra tax during 40 years of driving at speed, I like your train of thought. In for a penny...

Kevin said...

and the road toll this weekend will be... what? Same as Q/Bday last year? The weather forecast is looking ok which will be the main factor 'if' the toll is less.

Oswald Bastable said...

I wish they would put the same effort into police boy friggin' racers!