Friday, June 25, 2010

An all-round fake

he travelled "excessively" as a minister and shouldn't have taken his partner with him as often as he did

Every trip I went on was important. ... But I shouldn't have been so willing to volunteer ...

More excuses. Another fake apology from a perennial trougher. Still trying to justify entitlement. The second scripted attempt. The third failed apology attempt in as many weeks. Inexcusable.

With a piss-weak boss who also deserves every bit of opprobrium coming for failing to decisively deal with you. Immediately sacking you was the only option.

I know you troughed with the best and spent my hard earnt taxes with gay abandon. The only reason you are attempting to apologise is because you were caught out by disclosure. Disclosure and transparency that should have been in place decades ago. Sadly it still has a long way to go.

I do not want more lame excuses justifying your stultifying arrogance of entitlement. I want you to gracefully resign without further ado or further cost to me as a taxpayer, banishing you and your troughing ilk from my Parliament.

Still, I do not expect you would be able to offer anything different. Like many in the House, as your whole premise is misrepresentation. Not only a politician, but some might say, also a fraud to your genes. Why else should I expect nothing but fakery?

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pdm said...

It sounds like the International leader of the NZ Labour party in New York got her lackey Brian Edwards to write it for him.It sounds like his weasel words plus no mention of the credit card abuse.