Friday, August 16, 2013

Good earthquake felt in Dannevegas (update)

Solid shaking for 2 minutes plus - no damage.


revised 6.2 10KM SE of Seddon 8KM down.

Wellington Beltway about to slide into the Kaikoura Trench with a bit of luck!

Still moving 90 minutes later - lights swinging at 1555.


Keeping Stock said...

Damned good shake over this way too. Unlike the normal ones that come through in one direction, this was all over the show; you could feel the waves coming at different angles. Not pleasant at all.

PM of NZ said...

KS, normally miss most quakes here right up against the solid mass of the Ruahines. Having a 50Km deep wall of rock adjacent has its benefits. This was the worst and longest we'd felt in 15 years.