Thursday, August 08, 2013

Green Leader defaults to lies for votes

"we will lose control"

Eh?  How will New Zealand lose control with 51% retained in the future partial sale of Meridian?

Greenie Red Russel defaults to lying for votes on Te News tonight.  (not in print, but broadcast on video clip on the news).  Lying appears to be a default position for any leftie pollie.


Keeping Stock said...

I have no trust whatsoever in Norman. The thought of him being a Minister somewhere in the Finance arena fills me with dread.

The Gantt Guy said...

PM, the only thing that surprises me about this post is that you appear surprised that Norman lied.

Lying is the default position of all politicians, but particularly those of the looney left. Their entire religious movement is built on a lie.

And KS, you're right. The thought of Wed Wussel holding a Ministerial Warrant for the Finance or Foreign Affairs portfolios is absolutely terrifying. Nuclear winter. And, sadly, there's a reasonable prospect of it happening!

PM of NZ said...

Not surprised at all GG. Was channel surfing, saw him getting his sound bite in. No explanation, just straight to an outright lie.

Unfortunately we know those that vote for these liars will believe every utterance without further question as gospel truth.

The prospects are real scary, but couldn't be any worse than Labour Lite doling out $30M of corporate welfare yesterday. The loony left would be doling out welfare to their voters. Same source, my wallet.

David said...

Norman is given Licence to continue promulgating outright lies so long as he is not challenged every times his lips start moving.

You can only assume that the face-to-face recipients of BS like this example are either so ignorant that they are incapable of questioning a lie or are happy to "spread the word" in pursuit of their own agenda

the conservative said...

This is a futile argument; National, Labour, Greens are all the same but no different—it doesn’t matter which party had control they would have all done the same. Let’s get real folks; we’re not in a democracy anymore. On this issue, the Greens et al. are pretending to be more pragmatic, and National is pretending to be caring for the working man. Who is left, who is right?