Sunday, August 04, 2013

Greens taking the piss

Green Party co-leader Russel Norman said the fact parents were resorting to lay-bys for children's parties was a sign of growing financial hardship.

"It is an example of poverty in New Zealand when families can't even afford to pay for treats for their kids' birthdays"

Can't afford $60 bags of sugar filled lollies or prezzies for the rugrat? So they whack it on layby! Obviously the parents need to learn how to make a nutritious carrot cake or something similar.  Icing sugar is dirt cheap and the rugrats wouldn't know any different.

Red Russel would have you believe that having to put the items on tick is a gold standard measure of 'poverty'.   Really?

Bollocks!  I'd say it is parents who will not take the time to look after their kids and get their priorities right.  Probably do not stick the booze and fags on layby. 

No child in New Zealand should be shortchanged for the basics with the all manner of handouts available via benefits, accommodation supplements and tax break rorts like Working for Welfare.  It is only parents that are failing to make good choices when it comes to their rugrats.


Oswald Bastable said...

That aside- sugar costs little and toffee and fudge are easy enough for the average ten year-old to make.

Anonymous said...

I bet you have no children, you have not a clue, Mr Angry PM.


PM of NZ said...

Quite right there Os. And who knows, in the process of some hands on cooking, the dear rugrats might learn about the often large effort required to enjoy life's little luxuries.

I also note as usual Rupert, resident Riverton troll has little to say.

Accuses me of being angry? Not me, but more like willing to state my view of the world. A world where the entitled, do-gooder greenies and the like can bugger off and stop proselytising with their twisted zealotry.

And childless? Definitely false. I take great delight in training the next generation about why their parents need to work hard making the right choices for both my dotage and my grandchildren. But some might say maybe I'm becoming more like my long departed parents with each passing day. I can now see why the old man particularly might have been classified as a grumpy old prick. At least he instilled some good work ethics.