Thursday, August 22, 2013

So much for the 'wafer thin' margin

61:59  GCSB bill passed

Democracy at work, looking after our security.  In the immortal words of a previous thief at the New Zealand's helm, "We won, you lost, eat that!"

That wafer is looking quite thick and is all that is needed in our New Zealand for democracy.

Now that issue has been put to bed, the GCSB can get on with peacefully checking their lists and metadata for perverted deviants, would be terrorists and lunatics amongst us.  Seems they have problems, being likely to compromise national security.  For example;

Bradley Manning: Unsure of his gender identity, commits treason, releases massive data breach as Wikileaks into public realm, endangering troops and country.  Gets 35 years overnight. Too long in my view, should have swung for it.

Edward Snowden: Releases details of various top secret security programs, compomising several countries and runs for cover, threatening more treasonous releases, including "very sensitive, detailed blueprints of how the NSA does what they do".

I wonder how many more are lurking out there looking to compromise national security, like the 'lunatic left fringe' as Mr Finlayson yesterday rightly called them, in their mind's eye doing God's work and can only hope that the GCSB finds them in a timely manner.

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Anonymous said...

Mate (and I use that term loosely), if the GCSB is on the lookout for lunatics I should be very careful if I were you (which I'm not as I'm not a weirdo).