Saturday, August 24, 2013

Operator blaming tool

The frustrating thing is it's not mistakes we're making here that is costing us, it is mistakes that were made months and months ago

Italian helmsman showing bad form complaining about boat design as Team NZ yet again shows them a clean pair of heels and makes it 5-1. 

It would be nice to win a start, the reality is whether we start to leeward or start to windward, they still pass us on the reach

You know what they say about operators that blame their tools. 

Anyway, two to go and no doubt as is usual, a protest or two, then it's the real event.  Go Kiwis, no breakages or stuff ups please, put the Italians out of their misery.  And then deal to that traitor Coutts and his team of cheats.

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