Friday, August 30, 2013

Politicians and other leftie thieves note well!

It’s not rates which are inadequate

It’s the way they are being spent and the lack of respect of residents’ money

That man gets my vote! 

There’s 150 years of local government history in Auckland funded on the back of rates and one Mayor in one term has labelled this revenue stream as completely inadequate

"What has happened in the last three years that has meant that rates are so inadequate to cover Council activity costs? The answer is Len Brown.

Politicians, councillors and other leftie thieves would do well to note how the populace feels about relentless taxation increases.


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tom hull said...

Quite agree, Looney Len must go.However my bet is he will still be there after the vote.Problem is the people who elected him cant see the problem.My solution would be to only allow the vote to those who pay rates.