Thursday, August 29, 2013

Good news! Pissed off donors going to run "negative" election campaign

Negative third-party campaigning in the Hawke's Bay Regional Council elections looks set to begin, with candidates looking over their shoulder wondering who has hired political strategist Simon Lusk

He was working with "quite a large number of people to run a campaign for change", due to start next week. "There is a significant amount of money for this campaign and a significant number of people that are pissed off with the Regional Council that are supporting me

A negative third-party campaign is when somebody who is not standing for election runs a campaign to discredit candidates

Good to see.

'I thought it was quite sinister. I've never heard of it in little old Hawke's Bay. I don't know who they are targeting.

It took the council staff unawares too - it was pretty obvious they had never been asked that question before

Time serving jobsworths about to be taken to task and they don't like idea that the productive might oust them with fiscal conservative values.  Music to my ears.

As an idiot said previously "New Zealand politics needs to be more corrupt".  

From the policy paper:

This National Government has been a disappointment to fiscal conservatives. The
wet wing of the National Party control the senior ranks of the party, and cannot be
easily replaced without losing an election.

After National loses an election there will be a clean out. It is essential we have fiscal
conservatives who are willing to make serious changes to control the culture of the

This is part of a long term plan to move the political centre to the right. This means
reducing the size of government, weakening the power of those who believe in big
government, and investing for at least 20 years to ensure that these changes are

Certainly cannot disagree with that aim.  National needs to brought back to core principles and stop chasing votes.  It needs to happen throughout local government.

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