Monday, August 26, 2013

Our principles are open to the highest bidder

The Mt Wellington Warriors league club made a stand against pokie money

All those problems are associated with gambling and drinking. I didn't want to be a part of the problem

 Fine principles, well done that club.

The club faced a stark reality - take the trust money or go bust

Bar takings are way down, sponsorship is non-existent, and parents still won't fork out any money for playing fees

The way he sees it, the money is effectively coming from the parents anyway

Five years later, tainted money talks louder as the club sells out their principles to the highest bidder.  And parents in entitlement mode are still not willing to support their kids in sport, whilst finding money for booze and gambling.

And finally ...

periodic detention workers provide labour at the club. "I have to be there every Saturday and Sunday to manage them, but that is the only way the club gets painted and cleaned, people doing their community service."

A question:  Why are PD crims being used to support a private enterprise?  Surely there must be other civic duties more deserving.

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