Thursday, October 17, 2013

If he had any decency, he'd go. Now.

The lurid scandal continues to develop and as much as he likes to pretend, Len's position becomes more untenable by the hour.

Lance (2,132) Says:
So I am hearing the general tone here is that the facts are not in dispute, just that the slutty little tramp should have kept her mouth shut?
Fuck…. what century is this, the 19th?
Fucking hypocrites on the left, fight for womens rights and then call out the harlot. Now she is receiving threats!

I’ll say it again… I thought it was about a powerful elected figure who didn’t have the personal discipline to keep his dick in his pants…. AT WORK.

Once again the powerful elected figure is winning with a team of spin merchants at the ready.

davidp (2,988) Says:
These are the questions that I think Len Brown needs to address:
Brown says that Cheung didn’t work for the Council. Cheung says she was employed at the Art Gallery and that Brown visited her there. Who is telling the truth? If it is Cheung, then did Brown help her obtain the job?
We know that they socialised together in cafes. Did Brown expense this?
We know Brown phoned and txted Cheung. Did he use a work phone? If so, did he compensate the Council for the calls?
Were Brown’s gifts to Cheung expensed?
We know that Brown took Cheung to meet a Chinese airline executive at a restaurant. This is a valid business meeting for Brown, but must comprise hospitality for Cheung. Who paid? If it was the Council, then did Brown compensate the Council for Cheung? If it was the airline, then did Brown declare that hospitality as a gift?
We know that Cheung interviewed Brown on a Chinese current affairs show. Did Brown tell the current affairs program that there was an ethical issue regarding the objectivity of the interviewer? Shouldn’t the viewer have been told?
Who cleaned up the body fluids in council offices? Were council staff or cleaners exposed to Brown’s ejaculate?
There are two accounts of when Brown told his family of the affair… before and after the election. Which is true, and why do two accounts exist?
Has Brown notified all his sex partners that he has been exposed to venereal disease and that he may be spreading it? Has Brown been tested for or treated for venereal disease?
Was any pressure placed on the security guard to hush up what he had seen? What was said at the time… did Brown ask the security guard to stay silent, or did he threaten him? Was anything said to the security guard or his supervisor after the event?
Didn’t Brown think that having sex in a room of cultural significance to Maori was insulting to Maori?
Didn’t Brown think that using terms like “Geisha girl” to refer to a Chinese woman was insulting for both gender and racial reasons?
Was Brown conducting the affair while his wife was recovering from cancer?
Has Brown had sex with any other women on Council premises?
Has Brown masturbated on Council premises?
We know that Brown and Cheung had sex in a hotel room. Who paid? If it was the Council, then did Brown compensate the Council? If it was corporate hospitality, then did Brown declare the hospitality as a gift?
Who sent the txt threats to Cheung? It is hard to imagine a reason for anyone not associated with Brown to threaten Cheung? Who did Brown notify of the affair before the date and time the first threat was sent? Were any of the people notified Council staff? If yes, then why would they be notified if this is a private matter?
Did Brown order the threats? If not, does he recognise the sender’s phone number?
Have Council PR staff assisted Brown to handle media inquiries or Brown’s media response? If so, how does he reconcile this with assertions that this is a private matter? Will he compensate the Council for the staff time involved? Should Auckland ratepayers pay to sort out Brown’s personal scandal?
Was Cheung first invited to Brown’s office because of her duties on the ethnic advisory panel? If this wasn’t an attempt to groom Cheung, then why wasn’t the chairperson of the panel also invited? If Brown used ethnic matters as a pretext to groom Cheung, then did Brown promise to fund any ethic advisory panel activities or programs in the course of his grooming?
Does Brown often invite women that he wishes to groom to his office on spurious business pretexts?

Many questions indeed that require answers.  I'm sure there's more.

As for trotting out his daughter to stand by her Dad, nothing short of despicable.

If he had any real gumption, like Banks, he would resign.  Now.

It is time the LGA Minister stuck Len on gardening leave and conducted an inquiry.

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