Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Labour away with the fairies

Forget the man-ban.  Or maybe it is still in force, just real men not allowed.  Labour wants to befriend all minorities in exchange for their vote, particularly wanting more out there homosexuals in the ranks. 

Labour Party conference in Christchurch this weekend looks set to approve a remit that will require its list to "fairly represent" gays and lesbians among candidates

the list-ranking committee to pro-actively ensure that its list fairly represents "sexual orientations", as well as tangata whenua, gender, ethnic groups, people with disabilities, age and youth

That will go down like a cup of cold sick with the electorate who only want sound well founded economic direction.  And since when did selecting on the colour of your skin become legal? 

another remit, Labour's list-ranking committee decisions will also have to aim for a caucus of at least 45 per cent of women next year

Increasing envy taxes, pandering to queers and the like are not ways to win large quantities of votes from a generally conservative electorate.

After first polls since the coming of their Messiah David #2 showing absolutely zero traction, the Labia Party remains definitely away with the fairies as far as real world voters are concerned.

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