Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Will Trev show? [update]

The summer hols are over at the rich man's yacht racing in the city of queers that is San Francisco.   And today is one of the few days each year when Parliament is actually open for business.

Time for the prodigal son to show his face in the bear pit and meet his newest Dear Leader.


Cocked that up, didn't check, assumed a normal Tuesday.  Trev will be a no show for another couple of weeks. 

Every other wage slave has already been at work for a full day this week.  Apparently these buggers have the school holidays off too.  Like teachers, your overpaid / under worked politicians are never on the job.

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alwyn said...

Sorry but, unless the Parliamentary website is wrong, the next sitting day is 15 October.
Trevor can swan around San Francisco for another couple of weeks. (At our expense of course)