Monday, October 21, 2013

Journalist "trained and skilled"...

Disgraced high-ranking navy officer Commodore Kevin Keat has asked not to be dismissed from the service immediately so that he can leave with some dignity at the end of his present engagement in February

With dignity, why you may ask.   After what he's done to that sheila?    Where's the Tui?

But any real journalist would know that any MP, Judge, air line pilot, members of the Armed forces or Police or many civilians in public service would stand to lose their superannuation if awarded a DCM.

Those that were compulsory members of  GSF pre-1992 (when they closed their scheme to new members) and having been since time-serving polishing seats, are likely to now have a serious wad of super ready to retire on.  A stash which will not be forthcoming upon instant dismissal.  Them's the rules of the game, dismissal was something to be well avoided before you reached your term in the military.  I've seen it happen with a few months to go before someone's 20 years.

Trained and skilled journalist?  Not!  It's bad enough that the word Navy is not capitalised.

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