Sunday, October 27, 2013

Schools and teachers being measured, found wanting

That's very problematic for both teachers and parents because if you're a parent and you've been told that your child is reading at the standard last year and you rock on up to the teacher and discover your child is now performing at below standard then you're likely to say, 'what the hell have you been doing? He was at the standard last year'

Eh?  The head honcho at the Federation of Principals is effectively saying if your rugrat was up to speed last year, but is not meeting standards this year, don't blame our teachers.

What bollocks.  Measuring teachers failings is the only way to start improving the output quality of our education system.  Daily we see the swathe of illiterates produced by the current system in which education unions have stoutly resisted improvements for so long.

the profession continued to have no confidence in national standards

I say get on with the measurements, yours is not the right to argue. Unfortunately, the unionised are pushing their bogeyman of being paid for performance like everyone else that actually work for a living.  Real world performance that is evaluated by the hour.

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