Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Will it all end in tears?

share price has continued to skyrocket and has broke through $22 today

share price has climbed by $16.71 over the last year, a rise of 310 per cent

I'm no judge of these things, but often wonder about this startup and its short debt-ridden history.

That it is still hideously awash in debt, beholden to a single god-like leader obviously full of self-pride with a highly visible sh*t locker of good living, even with all these purported converts from many countries supposedly willingly paying the bills for their no doubt overpriced accounting add-ons**.

Do we have another upcoming Dot Com failure (no not the large German type) so prevalent a decade or so ago?  Or maybe this media darling is the real thing and I'm green with envy that I missed the boat on the IPO?

Will it all end in tears?

** Things you could do at zero cost with some double entry book-keeping to keep a feel for your business or an open source product like GNU Cash

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