Sunday, October 20, 2013

The iceberg is melting on the hot asphalt

refused to provide inducements and his company paid the price

"We just didn't play that game ... and we were left out in the cold as a result."

In light of the likely fallout from the this week's over-exposure, for want of a better term, of council leadership, is it any wonder?  They say a fish rots from its head.

Offices at several major roading contractors and subcontractors have been raided by fraud investigators.

SFO ... "We are looking at all the suppliers."

The downfall of Blacktop leaves a so-called "big five" companies to bid for road maintenance contracts in Auckland - Fulton Hogan, Higgins, Transfield, Downer and Heb.

I'm sure, although it will hotly denied, fraud and corruption is behind these contracts.  Perception is everything, so while the boss had his eyes on other now not so fresh game, the minions will have been garnishing their meagre 'Oh, for a living wage' six figure salaries.

The hot asphalt is about to expose more of the fast melting iceberg that is the left leaning JafaLand Council.

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