Monday, October 21, 2013

Whitewash in progress: Flock of flying pigs sighted

I did not abuse my position of power

Unbelievable!  Must be the quote of the century.

Lefties just do not know when their game is up and resign.  Irrespective of her ulterior motives, screwing any help in work hours, on ratepayer premises is an employment no-no.  For others, a sackable offence, no questions.  But the Left continue to defend their man suggesting he can be rehabilitated.

review is not specific to the elected members' code of conduct but will cover council policies and procedures and will provide background information should any code of conduct review be initiated

Meanwhile the whitewash is truly in progress.  Ernst and Young will be paid handsomely to deliver the required outcome, whilst they do not engage with the person at the root cause of this travesty.

review has the support of the mayoral office which will cooperate fully with it

From our illustrious leader downward there is not one politician worth his salt ready to stand up and state what he's done is morally and ethically repugnant.  To date all have condoned his actions (more like a case of  "There for the grace of God...") in one way or another.  The sooner this whole viper's nest of despicable centre-Left politicians is routed, the better New Zealand will be.

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