Monday, September 30, 2013

Skimming the Jafaland electoral dross

Below is my cut for skimming the dross as offered in the main Jafaland election.

Name Pros Cons
Berry, Stephen Male Wants to double dip by also standing in wards, Libertarian
Bright, Penny   Female, barking mad
Brown, Len Male Wants to tax the hell out of already over committed ratepayers for his toy train set, leftie
Butler, Jesse Male Unemployed professional student looking to bring his bros to the trough, supports living wage and other leftie socialist
Cheel, Tricia   Female, practices black arts of homeopathy water dilution, looking to double dip in DHB
Duffy, Paul Male Another fanatical adherent of sustainable living
Goode, Matthew Male Away with fairies
Hussey, Emmett Male  
Kruger, Susanna Susara   Female, feral greenie import
Minto, John Male Communist, supports Hone, teacher, unionist
O'Connor, Phil Male,supports anti-abortion  
Palino, John Male, real world business skillset  
Shadbolt, Rueben Male Trading on his old man's name
Unasa, Uesifili Male  
Vermunt, Annalucia   Female
Willmott, David Male  
Young, Wayne Male  

Simple when you know how to skim the dross.  I see Mr Palino appears to be the stand out offering.

I shall weed the other would be troughers at local board level in a similar manner.  Anything female or left of centre gilded offerings like Future West and particularly any rabid greenies will be firstly culled.

May the best man win.

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