Friday, September 27, 2013

Indonesians crying a river

This is additional burden for Indonesia. We could've just let them sail to Australia, but no, we respect Australia's wishes. "This is a dilemma. If we don't save them, then everyone will be blaming us for not respecting human rights ... But if we let them [sail to Australia] then Australia would be yelling at us why we let them go.

Obviously don't like doing what should have been done years ago.  Stop the illegal immigrants at Indonesian borders, instead of sliding the problem onto Australia.  Stop crying Indons, get on with your job as our neighbours.

I await New Zealand adopting the same policy as Australia, ie turn them back. Unfortunately we all know what will happen - a boat load of illegals will turn up off our coast and pull the plug yelling 'Mayday'.  Yes the lefties will then have a real 'May Day' screaming about the cruel heartless Nats not offering every accommodation and handout to the 'asylum seekers'.

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