Monday, September 16, 2013

Today In America's Cup History

September 15 is notable for six instances in America’s Cup history:
  • 1887: Volunteer is selected by the New York Yacht Club as the defender yacht to meet Scots challenger Thistle. Thistle was designed by Scotsman George Lennox Watson, whose reputation as a revolutionary and highly successful designer was well known in America where his yachts were winning regatta after regatta, putting considerable fear into the NYYC that the Cup was at risk. Thistle’s challenge resulted in the Deed of Gift to be re-written after the match and it remains the document governing racing for the America’s Cup today.
  • 1930, Race 2, Shamrock V vs. EnterpriseEnterprise wins by 9:34. Shamrock V was Sir Thomas Lipton’s last challenge for the Americas Cup and the first match between yachts built to a class rule, removing a long standing complaint of injustice from the challenger, which had to build a yacht capable of withstanding an oceanic voyage to the venue, while the defender could build a lightweight defender yacht.
  • 1962, Race 1, Gretel vs. WeatherlyWeatherly wins by 3:43. The first non-British challenge for the America’s Cup and the first Australian challenge. It would take seven challenges over 21 years of effort for Australia to win the Cup.
  • 1964, Race 1, Sovereign vs. ConstellationConstellation wins by 5:54. Affectionately known as “Connie,” Constellation holds the record for the greatest victory margin during the 12-Meter era, 20:24. It was the 16th and last British challenge in a match for the America’s Cup, which Sovereign lost 4-0 (there were two Canadian challenges in 1876 and 1881).
  • 1970, Race 1, Gretel II vs. IntrepidIntrepid wins by 5:52. Gretel II was Sir Frank Packer’s last challenge for the Cup before he passed the torch to Alan Bond. It was after a controversial protest during this series that Packer memorably announced, “An Australian skipper complaining to the New York Yacht Club Committee is like complaining to his mother-in-law about his wife”
  • 1983, Race 2, Australia II vs. LibertyLiberty wins by 1:33 after Australia II sails into a hole mid-way through the race, to go up 2-0 in the first-to-four series against the highly touted Australia II, and it looked as if the Defender would win again and the old order would continue.
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