Thursday, September 05, 2013

Universal Welfare the latest brainfart from the left!

every individual has the same unconditional right – to a basic income sufficient for them to live in dignity
Effing unbelievable!  The Stranded Left (tm) wants the productive to hand out a "universal benefit" to entice their typical voter.  Unconditional right???  Get stuffed, you only earn that by working.  As did the current crop of pensioners on NZ Super.

As if there is not every welfare convenience in endless handouts and supplements presently thrown at  bludging workshy lefties.
has been a policy plank of various minor political parties, such as Social Credit

 Greens have discussed a UBI as part of welfare and economic policy development

Gareth Morgan has been an advocate

Say no more, thank God none of these has beens currently have any real power although I do fear the feral left increasing their margin.  Their view is that once imbued with a lot more of my dime, some might actually get off their arses contribute to being productive and pay nett taxes.

Like Working For Welfare, another uncosted vote buying bribe from the left desperate to be noticed.

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