Sunday, September 08, 2013

[update III] 34th America's Cup: NZ 3 : Traitor 1

A convincing first race win, 8 to go to stick it to the traitor.

#2 race NZ by 52 seconds.

A great day for New Zealand.  Not only does ETNZ look like they've got the goods to deliver another Cup, it is topped off knowing the left was routed in Oz.

#3 race NZ by 28 seconds.  Behind at first mark by 18 secs. after incurring pre-start penalty. Great overtaking upwind by Kiwis on upwind leg with a dinghy-type roll tack on top of the Yanks, then powering away with the advantage. Being boxed in on the boundary line on a flood tide had the potential for serious loss, but Barker demonstrated to Spithill a masterclass in tacking.  Soundly whipped, having made up 46 secs from first mark.

#4 race Yanks by 8 seconds.  Well sailed by Yanks, has Barker lost his edge?  Didn't appear aggressive enough to me.


the conservative said...

ETNZ does look faster, but it is nail biting watching it. I am more concerned about breakages than anything else.

The boats are fantastic--I hope they continue with these cats; they are great to watch and make the event more exciting.

PM of NZ said...

TC, Like you, I'm very concerned that it will only take one breakage, particularly a damaged wing, which will scupper the event.

As for continuing with cats, I say no in my book. Monohulls, with raw physical manual power is where the racing should be. These cats with all their 'mandraulic' hydraulic trickery really makes a mockery of true yacht racing in my opinion.

the conservative said...

3 up now!

mawm said...

The race is too expensive - only 3 teams competed for the LV Cup. If and when NZ win I hope they go back to something that will attract 10 or so teams to Auckland or wherever. Give each team an identical hull, limit mast height and sail area.....and then the best combo of innovative developers and yachtsmen will win.

PM of NZ said...

MAWM, that's what they tried to do with the AC45's but some cheating bastard decided on extra lead to push the class envelope in his favour.

I think something more like 18 footer rules. Mono hull, single mast, of a set class length +-3 inches and those are the only class rules. About 70-90 feet.

Any material can be used to allow innovative construction of hulls, with unlimited areas/cloths for sail/wing design. Totally mandraulic winching and like 18 footers, if you can carry it, the Cup is yours. No need for intricate measurements or class rules to fight over off water.

the conservative said...

4 up now!

I don't think the cup will ever go back to mono hulls now. I know true sailors would like that, but I am not one; I am more interested from an average spectator perspective. These big cats are like watching a drag race highlighting maximum design with nature. When they put motors in the boats, that's when I will switch off.