Tuesday, September 03, 2013

A lunatics parting shot?

Micro$oft shares used to be one of the world's bluest of blue chips and worth a dollar or two.

Then the #1 retired for a life of philanthropy. And they got a new CEO.

Full of stage managed bluster, he presided over a decade of less than stellar performance.    Share price tanked, to wallow with the rest of the tech minnows.

Recently he announces his imminent resignation.  Well, not quite imminent.  A year down track.  'At last!' the market says, share price rockets.

Now another hare brained idea from the Chief Lunatic Architect at Microsoft.  One wonders if the 'Midas' touch of Ballmer will help or the once famous cellphone pioneer Nokia will suffer fading into slow oblivion as another tech has-been that was blessed with M$.

Time will tell.

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