Friday, September 06, 2013

Idyllic South Pacific country on an Odyssey to emulate 100% Pure Greek

Greece's largest labor union warned that it expects unemployment to remain higher than pre-crisis levels for another 20 years

demanded ... the government to reverse minimum wage cuts imposed last year

are angry at the continued firings, the mass unemployment, and the thousands of households being into poverty and desperation

Sounds too far-fetched to be true?  Not so.  In New Zealand those on the left will put us on that course.  They will quickly bankrupt this country in their quest for socialist nirvana of unlimited handouts for the entitled and their workshy voting public. 

a government campaign of mass firings and mandatory job transfers in the public sector

We will be in Thessaloniki to express our rage at what is being done to Greek society

Unionists and other socialist ratbags are stirring the pot again in Greece, as always looking for someone other than themselves to blame.  I guess in 20 years years time they'll be thanking today's filthy capitalists and other rich pricks who have said 'Enough!'.

Coming real soon to your idyllic South Pacific paradise as the Three Amigos on their socialist Odyssey for leadership spray all manner of bribes in return for your vote.

Yes, Dear Readers, a live 100% Pure Greek Odyssey similar to the above will be soon be playing out in our neck of the woods if any leftie thieves get near our Treasury benches.

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