Thursday, September 19, 2013

America's Cup Update

UPDATE: 1100 hours

Regatta Director Iain Murray expressed confidence at his morning briefing that the conditions would be suitable for racing today, despite another day of strong ebb (outgoing) tide.

“Our intel tells us around 15 knots for first race and 16-17, maybe 18 for the second race,” said Murray. “Once again, a strong ebb tide today increasing as day goes on: -2 for the first race so a 21-knot limit, and -3 for the second race, so a 20-knot limit. Once again we have a convergence of wind and current, but the forecast looks ok and we feel confident.”

Is this the day the traitor gets fired?


Anonymous said...

I'm a bit sick of this traitor stuff. When you are professional money matters. There are only so many places on Team NZ and I know if I had to sail for another team to be a part of this fantastic hi tech event I'd grab it with both hands. Winning only counts for something when the opposition are really good. I'd rather lose a fair contest than win because the other team never showed up.

I suspect he'll get sacked if they lose but that's just business. It happens in coaching all the time.

PM of NZ said...

Anon, in my book there's a massive difference between being professional and selling your soul for thirty pieces of silver. One who sells himself to the enemy is nothing but a traitor.