Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day 12 or is it Day 11? [update III - TOMORROW]


POSTPONED - Tomorrow's another day.


1430 local time attempt kickoff  - 0930 NZDST

The race committee has pushed the start time back to 1430 in the interest of letting the wind settle down. The committee would like to see a direction of 230 degrees across the racecourse. As regatta director Iain Murray intimated this morning, this is far too important a race to have a skewed racecourse.


1400 local time attempt kickoff  - 0900 NZDST

UPDATE: 1115 hours
It never rains in California, unless the America’s Cup is in town. San Francisco is awash this morning in the first significant rainfall since perhaps February. For ORACLE TEAM USA and Emirates Team New Zealand, this is problematic because of the southerly wind direction, which is skewed about 90 degrees from the racecourse for the 34th America’s Cup.
“Where we’re at is the front is on top of us, it’s raining, light and variable wind, and the little wind that we have is out of the south, which would provide a reaching course up and down our city front racecourse,” said Regatta Director Iain Murray.

“We have varying opinions of when it will pass, but our most optimistic is the front will pass and the breeze will return to southwest around 1330. So we’re likely to have a delay while we wait for the wind to switch. We may not get a race in today or we may get one race, but we probably won’t get two races in. It’s just something we have to wait out. When the breeze shifts we expect 15 knots,” Murray said.

More updates to come.

Is today the day?  Touch and go, nothing else to do - its precipitating solidly round these parts.  Got drenched @ 0600 putting the bovine mowers on the long acre.  Time to ferret around in the bottom of that wood shed and use some more carbon credits.

ps link says Day 12, text says Day 11...

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