Wednesday, September 04, 2013

[update II] Not only a traitor to NZ, now confirmed cheats on the team

Oracle will start the America's Cup on -2 points and the team were fined $250,000 as penalty for cheating during AC World Series.

Oracle wing trimmer Dirk de Ridder has been banned from taking any part in the America's Cup, while Kiwi Matt Mitchell banned for four races.

Here, more to come.  Well done that jury.

The traitor cannot bring himself to say 'sorry' to the global yachting fraternity.

a telling line from Oracle chief executive Russell Coutts that hinted at the biggest impact the cheating scandal has had on the team

subsequent investigations and jury hearings had been "hugely distracting", with the team losing days on the water at a critical time as they dealt with the case

the month-long case has proved a huge disruption to Oracle's two-boat testing programme

For him, as we have long known, it has always been about the money. Actions do speak louder.  How he ever got a gong I'll never know.

[update II]

we're the underdogs

No you're not.  Spare me the river of crocodile tears, no matter how you spin it, your team cheated in the elite world of America's Cup yacht racing.  You deserve everything coming your way.

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