Monday, September 23, 2013

Come on Deano - get the box ticked! [updated]


 Someone tell me if they win that bloody mug!  I've turned the telly off.  If they do win, it will be replayed, every second of it over and over.

UPDATE: 1105 hours
Abundant sunshine has replaced the deluge of yesterday and the wind looks to be very favorable for two races, if necessary, on Race Day 12 (Day 16 overall) of the 34th America’s Cup.

“It’s going to be a building breeze all day,” said Regatta Director Iain Murray. “Right now we’re in a transition period between the northwest gradient to the southwest; there’s light wind on the course but it’s coming around to the west, which we need it to do.”

Yesterday’s scheduled Races 14 and 15 were postponed to today because of a southerly wind that was well off the desired axis around 230 degrees. That direction should come true early in the afternoon, although it might be light at the scheduled 1315 start or Race 14.

“We’re keen to see how much wind we’ll have at scheduled start time of 1315,” Murray said. “Hopefully it’ll be more than 10 knots; we could see upwards of 20 knots if we get through to the end of the day.”

The tide is flooding (coming into the Bay) all day, so the wind limits have been increased to 24.4 knots for Race 14 and 23.3 knots for Race 15. ORACLE TEAM USA will have port tack in prestart maneuvers for both races.

“The signs are positive for a great day,” said Murray.

Another day.  Day 12 in fact, they've sorted their days out.

Looking good.  Come on Deano, lets see that traitor and his boss off.  Get the job done first up today, tick the box 'Been there, Done that'.  Show them that money cannot buy the trophy and above all, cheats never prosper.

Hopefully for you there's a gong lurking in New Year's Honours.  And one for your geriatric grinder, he's done more for NZ sport than that other young pretender has ever done.

And it is high time the Labour MP rorting the taxpayer on his final junket to watch the race was brought home to face his peers in Parliament.

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