Sunday, September 29, 2013

Absolutely not!

he understands why New Zealanders turned on him after he quit Team NZ for big-spending Alinghi.

Coutts suggested the issue is now something of a historical point and that the public might have moved on.

 ''It was big news at the time, but I think people have moved on. I don't actually blame people for having certain views," he said.

''I've got to admit I don't spend a lot of time thinking about it these days."

I've got news for you Mr Traitor.  Real Kiwis do not abandon their country. Ever.  Some of us will never forget what you did.

is moving back home and refuses to rule out a return to Team New Zealand

As well as being forever tarred with the stain of being the leader of a team of cheats which never said sorry for bringing the world's greatest sport into disrepute, the traitor is now looking for a hometown parade and ultimately a job.  Both of which I hope he never gets.

You can bugger off and I hope you're happy with your thirty pieces of silver.

Dot Com funding the Traitor's team.  Now there's a sinking idea.

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