Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day whatever update [updated]


The traitor's boat gives NZ a masterclass in how to piss away $36M NZD.

UPDATE: 1118 hours

The past three days in San Francisco have featured winds too unstable for racing, fresh winds for two races on Sunday, and one race yesterday in winds that were too light to complete two races. Today, it’s yet another scenario with the wind forecast to gust to 25 knots or stronger.

“We’re back more to the San Francisco that we all expected, a building southwest breeze,” said Regatta Director Iain Murray. “Already there’s 15-16 knots on the racecourse, so the breeze has signaled its intentions early. We’re expecting it to keep building through the day.

“We have strong limits today, 24.7 knots for Race 1 and 24.1 knots for Race 2, so lots of current assist,” Murray continued. “We’re concerned about getting the second race away because of the wind limit. There’s a lot of wind forecast.”

And our geriatric grinder is back on board today.

The question is will I turn the telly off again before they get to the first mark?

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