Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sensitive wee souls

David Cunliffe has stood down campaign member Jenny Michie after comments she made about the sexuality of fellow Labour leadership contender Grant Robertson

Silent T needs to man up with a massive dose of reality.  It doesn't matter how well he hides internal party disunity, or how many laws are passed legislating base practices into the mainstream, Waitakere Man has morals below which he will not stoop.

would be naive to think that Robertson's sexuality would have no impact on voters

How true.  One of those defining gold standards for families which should not be crossed is homosexuality, which your Michie correctly addressed.  And now you've fired her for noting it.  I suppose "Gaggle of gays' O'Connor is also on notice?

If the party cannot handle the topic now, how are Labour sensitive wee souls going to deal with at Election 2014?

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alwyn said...

I suspect that the "standing down" will be about as permanent as was Russel Norman's "standing down" of his PA when she was caught up in the destruction of National Party campaign posters.
The second the election was over she was back in place and the misdeeds were forgotten.
If Cunliffe wins I'm sure that Michie will be at his celebration party.