Friday, September 13, 2013

[update II] Racing today?

Maybe not.   Apparently, via Keeping Stock, it is a tad draughty up there today.  Bunch of blouses, get out there and do it.  I want to see them crack the ton.  Harden up and get on with it.

But any way, Phase II of this regatta is upon us.  The real 'contact' sport of this series will now ensue.  I eagerly await the armchair gripping blood sport of a "... he failed to give way / I had right of way ..." scenario on my telly over the few days.

And Phase II will be followed closely by Phase III in a courtroom.

And our esteemed cartoonist has been consulting the Oracle.


Oracle threw that one away.  All over rover, failure by 47 seconds after a very good start by failing to cover the NZ opposition on upwind leg split.

Is there another Sir Ben out there?   I think not.  But have no fear, floggings in the Oracle camp will continue.  I wonder when will the traitor be keelhauled?

[update II]

ETNZ by 66 secs, top race from pre-start to end.  3x to go?  Sun and Mon - all over.


Keeping Stock said...

Pretty soon I should think. With their get out of trouble card already played, Oracle is toast, and you don't have to be an oracle to predict that.

I would like ETNZ to win the next four, and keep Oracle on minus one. Then in years to come, people will ask "Why?". That way Larry can't re-write the sordid history of America's Cup 2013.

PM of NZ said...

KS, I'd daresay his flag flying monied mate on the barge next door will be soon hoisting the Gin Pennant on the traitor's barge.