Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hlo Grnt, Ur # 1 fan cllng

The self proclaimed 'mistress of the text message' has been carpeted by the British Press for texting during HM The Queen's opening speech at the latest CHOGM talkfest out in the colonies. One does just does not do these things when HM is present, you know. Must have been sod all else happening on a slow news day and attacking a would be republican is always fair game...

But really, she probably had near heart failure when the latest poll came out and she was texting her old mate from ValeNZia to see what advice he had for when the chips are down.

That's what we've always been working towards in the hope common sense would prevail

he would have texted back.

Yes! That would work well with the new 'law of common sense' recently espoused by her cohort in the bearpit. In a vein similar to that of ramming s59 through against the wishes of 85% of the sheeple, she would continue to push the EFB through against the wishes of the 'vehement fringe'.

Oh, for some common sense in these matters!

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