Sunday, November 18, 2007

How a protest march should be done

After seeing the TV coverage of the march against the EFB in Queen Street last night, I could not help noticing that would it be nice if all protests were similarly peaceful and non-threatening. It looked like a wholesome family stroll to check out where ex-mare Dick spent all that money on those pavers.

Nice organisation guys, well done John Boscawen for providing a consistent message platform via the pre-printed placards and please accept my condolences on your father in your recent bereavement. I look forward to seeing Whale Oil Medias' presentations when i can get onto a broadband machine in town.

Certainly not like the camouflaged haters and wreckers we have witnessed of late on other protests. Yes, they were too cowardly to show their faces and set out to present an intimidatory presence. I personally witnessed the previous one about the seabed passing through a small town in Tararua, never have I seen such a motley crew of camouflaged and menacing thugs.

Also, so not like the rowdy union rent-a-mob who showed up recently at the Liabour talkfest and openly offered violence for all to see on camera as their solution. Still, it's what their leaders do, why should the rabble do otherwise? All those type of actions do is garner even less support for their cause.

I hope the other proposed marches against the EFB are as orderly and well attended. One might also hope that a few more MP's would show their faces at the other marches and provide their input.

I note that the curse of H1 attending sporting fixtures was, as I predicted earlier in the week, proven yet again. Like this comment at Whale Oil, I and the wife had a similar reaction to seeing H1 and her maid (man in drag?) in the crowd during a channel-flick to check out the scoreline. Put me right off my evening. Why TV crews have to show such persons, I do not know. They do not add anything to the game in hand.

It was good to see our team actually knew confidently the words to the English (correct and proper version) version of New Zealand's anthem and Frankie Stevens provided a good sound, not choking on his job like the players.

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