Tuesday, November 27, 2007

They were nothing but terrorists

After reading the whole 155 page document last night, not that my memory allows me to retain much of the detail, I agree with the summary given by Adolf here.

Definitely not a stroll in the bush, these guys were were nothing but terrorists, on a mission to takeover New Zealand.

Like Adolf suggests, Te Quaeda and their associated band of outright fringe nutters will continue operations in their ill-conceived quest for the fantasy utopia of Aotearoa. They will now be more covert, not so electronically naive and do more damage when they strike.

Cheers Liarbour for getting the anti-terrorist laws so wrong.

Seems there were 156 pages - the page at p144 is missing.

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Inventory2 said...

Yep, I somehow don't imagine that the police will have eighteen months worth of text messages to piece together the next jigsaw. And make no mistake, these guys will try again, even if they are convicted and sentenced. Mind you, the overflowing jails of good ole Aotearoa will provide a fertile recruitment source for Te Quaeda. I wonder of Graeme Burton will be on the shopping list!