Monday, November 26, 2007

"It's only a racket if you are not in it"

A commenter over at Lindsay Mitchell's blog suggests the problem the right is experiencing with the EFB is
it's only a racket if you are not in it

Lindsay ably discusses the perspectives from both sides.

From Liarbour's side of the fence the perspective is that
'buying the election' means people spending their own money to influence how other people vote
She suggests that the perspective of those opposing the EFB should be
its lapdogs are 'stealing' them
I couldn't agree more. It is high time that those opposing the EFB reversed the language of spin, as Ms Curran's expose on doublespeak suggested and threw the spin back at Liabour with all the negative connotation deserved.

The commenter is right on the button, with all those on benefits being on the game.

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