Friday, November 23, 2007

Rickards gives up

As previously blogged, no matter how despicable people consider the alleged actions of the person being groomed for a racially motivated position, he remains a free man.

The allegations remain only that, twice he faced a jury and twice he remained unconvicted. Some people are so vindictive that they longed for the internal inquiry, out of the public eye, so they could have closure when he got fired. No wonder he got so hot under collar after the last proceedings and maybe said a few things that shouldn't have been said. The fact the NZ Police then attempted to throw the fish and chip 'conduct unbecoming' at him for that is more despicable. The man is still innocent, although the reactions of many, including fellow bloggers, suggest not.

I suspect that he has been handsomely paid out, on top of his super, under Liabour directives to make the problem go away. A win to him, not only he keeps his super, he also gets the golden handshake cake. He had no other alternative, when the top brass made it abundantly clear that the witchhunt was on, they would get him irrespective of his proven innocence.

Cornered, I say and a extremely poor example of the system standing up for someone presumed innocent until proven guilty. Never had a chance of him ever getting a fair hearing. Internally, on paper it would have been fair, but when the hierarchy has marked your card, the door is the only option. They never rest.

So, Mr Rickards has resigned and given up. For the rest of the
would-be lynch mob, it is nice to know that any innocent party in New Zealand will enjoy your backing.

Mr Rickards has done a radio interview with Willie Jackson, which has been stopped for legal reasons this morning. Verbal summary suggests he resigned for family reasons. At least someone else in the media suspects that all is not well with the internal processes utilised by the Police to get rid of him.

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