Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Shades of Zimbabwe?

Bugged conversations recorded talk of plans for urban and rural warfare, of killing police, removing Pakeha farmers, assassinating politicians and committing actions so brutal that the public would think al Qaeda was responsible

We now know it is only Te Quaeda, but I particularly took an interest when I saw that a land grab from white farmers was intended.

As Mugabes' six-year campaign seizing white-owned farms continues, I suspect our homegrown terrorists have not thought a land grab through. The results over in what used to be Rhodesia, have given
hyper-inflation of 1100% or worse, economic ruin and general starvation of the populace, since the land grab started. Now they are asking for white farmers to come back and fix the problems.

While an initial knockout blow of anybody and everybody perceived to hold power or resistant to the cause, by Te Quaeda might rouse the rabble, in the long term anarchy and despondency will set in, as in Zimbabwe, to the detriment of all. All our farm machinery and a lot of other rural inputs come from overseas. Now I suspect overseas interests would have second thoughts about providing funds to a goverment which usurps power by violence.

Not good idea all round.

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