Sunday, February 10, 2008

The blame game

Now that good ole NZ now has an international record of terrorism and now, hijackings, the blame game has started.

As usual, Winston First is dog-whistling for votes, tactfully indirectly associating immigrants with crimes. So Don was right.
We have homegrown people with long records. Why do we need to import them?

New Zealand was seen as a "soft touch" by people trying to immigrate

More than that... it's seen as plain stupid. It's a massive drain on the ratepayers of New Zealand

New Zealanders need to understand, they are just buying themselves serious problems if they don't act. I want to see the same rules that are applied by nearly every other country.

Peters said it was unfortunate that the actions of some refugees caused others to be "tarred with the same brush".

That's a human reaction and I blame the authorities.

Yes Winnie, just the topic you need to get votes. And what follow up did you do since the issue was first raised? Is this Orewa III?

Meanwhile a cornered government on TV1 last night suggested the whole issue arose because the said nutter hellbent on hijack jihad was imported on someone else's' watch. Nothing to see, move along.

The price of air travel just got a whole lot dearer in NZ.

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