Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Look what crawled out from under

As Mr Plod marches ever so slowly toward actioning the U16 (or was it U17), now U19 terrorists day in court, it is obvious that some are covering their backsides and dobbing in their associates. So the associate terrorists get promptly arrested.

Someone supplied the terrorism paraphernalia, especially the weapons and Mr Plod does not muck around when weapons are involved. 'Intimidatory and unnecessary' actions are so necessary when dealing with unknown quantities of weapons - just ask this nutter.

Not so, says this legal eagle, well hidden of late. Ever eager to milk the victimhood card as he has been want to do in the past, now vocalising that Mr Plod has learnt nothing and there is room for more compo to extracted. Obviously looking for a new cause, after a QC took some of his potential clients.

I have no doubt the number will rise, as more become marked as terrorist associates in these cases. Pity Labour got the laws so functionally wrong.

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