Sunday, February 24, 2008

Two ticks or two fingers?

45000 sheeple can't be too bad to help fund big election fights. As the party apparatchik, the EPMU is an integral part of the corrupt red party machinery. In the party constitution it seems the union is named as an affiliate and thus Liarbour is totally infested with the unionised at all levels.

But the union wants their cake to eat also. Seems that under the sinister freedom of speech killing legislation that is the EFA, they are legally excluded from freely making comment on matters deemed to be so necessary to steal another election. They need to register, like all others, as a third party, to spend megabucks on why two ticks is going to be good for you (and them).

This article looks at the issues and buried deep within is this.
The law needs to return to parliament to be amended to make clear that the New Zealand trade union movement is allowed to be properly involved in our elections.

Like hell! Why should parasitic unions be given an exemption not enjoyed by other third parties? You agreed to the rushed unecessary legislation in an effort to favour the corrupt incumbents, now play by those rules like all others.

Two ticks? Two fingers more like it.

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