Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What goes round...

As the stench of corruption further envelopes a government in its' death throes, Mrs Makepeace at 1742 sums it all up, whilst looking for a writer of some repute to investigate much further.
Indeed deliciously ironic.

- rich pricks
- hidden agendas
- explosive revelations about a range of possible breaches of election finance laws and parliamentary spending rules that [ ... ] has kept quiet while it has attacked other parties on these issue
- deceptive and unethical activities
- cash for honours
- ...

Speaking of which, where is that dear sweet young Master Hager?

Goodness, his journalistic fervour and trenchant insights into corruption at the highest level would find ample grace and favour with the public right now...

Oh, how the Wheel of Fortune turns...

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