Monday, February 25, 2008

Will she, won't she?

Most of the polls suggest that fast progress is being made by her indoors toward a visit by a 'tall, dark man' in the near future.

Sooner, rather than later? Not sooner in her mind, for by her own admission she has 'tonnes of ideas' to force down our throats. I suspect, something like ideological bribes to buy her way back into power in a few months.

Some will never give in till actually defeated. Her 2IC offsider will never consider defeat till it actually happens. So zealous in his ways is he, that he will have be forcibly removed kicking and screaming, probably never having delivered a tax cut to a 'rich prick'. Others have seen what has been writ in the polls and like rats, are fast abandoning the red ship.

Some like fearless Phil are re-arranging the chairs, clearing the decks just in case her indoors does take note of what is writ large and resigns. Mind you, Phil will have to watch his back, the other contender from the West is suspected to be a young pretender hell bent on the top job.

Two shows of her going gracefully, for, like the misguided 2IC, she will fight to the last. Oh, the full script of this upcoming entertainment with all its delicious twists and turns is yet to be revealed.

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